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About us

Hi! It’s nice to see you here, happy you found us! We are Francesca and Tommaso, an Italian travel couple, and the content creators behind Take My Heart Everywhere.

For as long as we can remember we love to travel. As small children we went on holidays with our families every school holiday and we got the chance to explore more of our beautiful world and our beloved country, Italy.

In 2011 we first met each other at high school and the following year we became a couple. Our passion for travel has grown up in parallel with our love and over the years we became very interested in social media, photography and blogging. We attended the same university, in the faculty of Applied Business Languages in Milan, and we graduated in 2019. The university years have been a great motivation for us because we had the chance to deepen our knowledge on other cultures, languages and social media. Of course, during these years we also had more time to travel together to some of the best destinations in Europe and the rest of the world.

Traveling and exploring new places has always been our greatest passion and we firmly believe that traveling does not necessarily always have to take the form of packing bags, crossing borders or being nomadic. It’s an act and a feeling that can happen in every given moment.

Cavo Tagoo - Un indimenticabile viaggio nel lusso

Our story

Go where your dreams take you

We are showing the best places in the world on Travelling Through The World since 2015 and then sharing our travel adventures on Take My Heart Everywhere from the following year, thus turning our passion into a full-time career.  By focusing on high-quality images and colorful edits we gained a unique reputation on social media. 

But we haven’t always had many clients or millions of weekly views or traveled for most of our time… In fact, we started out from nothing. We are a couple of the crazy ones who believe in their wildest dreams and have the guts to do something about it. Highs and lows – we love it all! 

Why do we write this blog? Because we want to share our story, our adventures, our passions, our love and our knowledge. Our goal is to inspire you, to get out and travel and live the life you’ve always wished!

Itinerario di 3 giorni e luoghi più instagrammabili di Istanbul

Our work

You never stop learning

It’s not easy to explain our job or list all the activities that are involved in our work, but this is how we spend most of our time! Of course we do travel a lot and we try to create the best content for Take My Heart Everywhere, we spend some time talking with our community and engaging with them and we work with different brands, especially tourism boards, destinations, hotels and restaurants, but we also collaborate with minor travel or lifestyle brands. Other activities include blogging, photographing and editing, taking part in events and press trips.

On the other side, we do love social media and the world of corporate communication and this led us to specialize in a series of activities ranging from social media strategy, social media consulting and public relations to community management, content creation and measurement & reporting.
The passion for our work is what brings us to always keep ourselves up-to-date, spending hours and hours reading the latest news or talking with friends from around the world about the latest trends.

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