10 beautiful things to do in Trentino in winter

If you are looking for a cool winter getaway, Trentino is for you. Known as one of the most idyllic regions in Italy, Trentino’s landscapes will amaze you with impressive mountains, incredible lakes and cute little villages nestled in breathtaking valleys. Whether you ski, seek adventure, and a buzzing après-ski scene, or just want to appreciate the view and amazing food, Trentino has it all.

So here are 10 beautiful things to do in Trentino in winter that will get you planning that getaway in this snowy wonderland.

1. Hit the slopes in San Martino di Castrozza

The high summits of the Dolomites are a dream come true for every ski enthusiast. Trentino has some of the best ski resorts and ski slopes in the whole country. 

We loved skiing in the area of San Martino di Castrozza, specifically in Alpe Tognola. The slopes were perfect, not too crowded and we simply had a blast!

Of course, make sure you pick up a Dolomiti Superski Pass as soon as you arrive there. The pass provides access to 12 different ski areas in all of Trentino with over 1200 kilometers of sunny and snowy slopes!

Hit the slopes

2. Indulge yourself in Trentino’s food

Italy and delicious food go hand in hand, so one of the top things to do while in Trentino has to be trying as many of the typical dishes as you can.

Here are the best restaurants around San Martino di Castrozza that we got the chance to visit during our trip:

3. Visit Trento Old Town

Trento is a very fascinating city, rich in arts and culture. Being Italian we are used to this kind of architecture, but honestly, Trento has impressed us. It is nice to walk around the city, discover the amazing Piazza Duomo with the ancient frescos on the side of the square. All around the old town you will find amazing cafes, boutiques, cute squares and little gardens. Most of the city centre is walkable and traffic-free, which is perfect to enjoy the city.

4. Take a snowmobile for an aperitivo in the mountains

You are not really in Italy if you don’t have an aperitivo. And the one we had in Alpe Tognola was definitely a blast!

After a quick snowmobile trip we arrived in the middle of the mountains for an amazing aperitivo in the snow. Charcuterie, cheese, hot wine, Prosecco and anything you could possibly wish, right in the snow! It was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience!

Aperitivo in the mountains

5. Hike to a suspension bridge in Paneveggio Natural Park

We started this spectacular hike at the public car park in Sentiero Marciò, in Paneveggio Natural Park. We walked in the woods for a little while and we reached the gorgeous suspension bridge, which is perfect for taking the most memorable photos of your trip in Trentino. Everything here was truly idyllic, with the snow-covered trees and mountains around us, and the beautiful waterfall in the background. We were expecting to see pretty scenery on this hike – Trentino, after all, has some of the most dramatic landscapes in Italy. But we were not expecting it to be so breathtaking.

Paneveggio Suspension bridge

6. Reach a chalet up in the mountains

Cozying up in a chalet surrounded by the beauty of the Dolomites is a once in a lifetime experience. Here in Trentino there are various ways to reach a chalet, but we really suggest you check Capanna Cervino in Passo Rolle area. To reach that place, you have to leave your car at this park and hike for around 30 minutes. The scenery on your way to the chalet will be simply outstanding. Once you arrive there make sure you warm up with a traditional chocolate or hot wine and you try their delicious cakes. The sunset from here is truly beautiful and it’s one of the best places to enjoy the famous “Enrosadira”.


7. Walking with llamas

Friendly, good-natured and cuddly, llamas and alpacas are great companions for trekking excursions on the mountains. Trentino offers many opportunities to go trekking with these gentle animals. These walks are easy and slow paced allowing ample opportunity to explore the pristine nature of the beautiful Dolomites. You can see the best options here.

Walking with llamas

8. Visit Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento

When in Trento, you just can’t miss Buonconsiglio Castle. This amazing building dates back to the 13th century and was built as the residence of the Prince Bishops of Trento, offering a large view over the valley and safe shelter against invasions.

The building is a mix of many styles, from the main medieval part, Castelvecchio (Old Castle), to the Renaissance addition of the Magno Palazzo (Great Palace). 

Working hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 AM – 5 PM. On Mondays, it is closed. You can check out the updated  working hours here.

Price: €10 per person.

9. Check out a local winery

If you enjoy a good wine, Trentino is the best place to try the incredible Italian ones. When in Trentino, we stopped at the fun, historic, and innovative winery Cantina Pravis. They have a great tasting space and are eager to have you try their available wines. A must do activity for sure!

10. Visit a fairytale village

During our last trip to Trentino we visited Mezzano Romantica, a tiny historic village in San Martino di Castrozza which is part of the ‘’Most beautiful Italian villages’. This place is somewhere between a living museum and a “do-it-yourself” treasure hunt.

Here, the traditional piles of wood outside the houses become a real work of art. There are over 25 artistic woodpiles to be found on your self-guided walk, marking the link between the surrounding nature and the town that nature built. 

We fell in love with Trentino and we are sure you will too. What’s not to love? The people are super-friendly, the food and wine are amazing, and the mountains take your breath away. Make sure you have a look at the 5 Summer activities to do in Val di Fassa, Trentino.

Happy travels!

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