10 Most Instagrammable Places in Lisbon

Lisbon was the first stop of our Portugal trip. We spent 3 nights here before heading to the colorful city of Porto.
We can firmly say that there is plenty of things to do in Lisbon

This city is packed with beautiful architecture, a number of stunning viewpoints, many hills and it’s totally hip. Street art decorates the beautiful cobblestone streets, brightly coloured trams navigate through the romantic alleys, a river cuts along the city’s edge and it’s a major foodie destination.
On top of that, Lisbon has a vibrant nightlife scene and it’s very affordable, especially compared to other destinations in Europe.

1. Alfama District

The first top thing to do in Lisbon is definitely a stroll around the beautiful district of Alfama, which is a maze of steep, narrow alleys that lead up to the São Jorge castle. I mean we could have gotten lost in every alley because each one was more beautiful than the last. This neighborhood is an Instagram dream, it is all made to be photographed!

2. Porta do Sol and Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Every single viewpoint or Miradouro in Lisbon is gorgeous! Our two favorite viewpoints are Porta do Sol and Miradouro de Santa Luzia.
The first one is a terrace where locals and tourists can sip a coffee while enjoying the most beautiful view of Lisbon.
The second one is another amazing viewpoint with a small park, a bougainvillea tree and a fountain with colorful buildings in the background. It seems to be made for the most beautiful photo scene and is a definite must on the list of photo spots in Lisbon.

3. The Pink Street

The Pink Street is located in Rua Nova do Carvalho and is one of our favorite photo spots in Lisbon. During the day, the street is an adorably colorful place to take photos and have a coffee. At night, the street turns into the most popular party location in Lisbon with multiple bars and discos open for business!

4. Elevador de Santa Justa (Santa Justa Lift)

Yes, we just suggested that you go see an elevator. We promise it’s great, mainly because it will help you avoid some hills. It also helps that it’s very beautiful, made in the 19th century out of wrought-iron with intricate details in neo-gothic style. At the top there is a viewing platform with excellent views of the city and the lift will take you from Baxio to the ruins of Carmo Convent.

5. Convento Do Carmo (Carmo Convent)

At the top of the lift is the Carmo Convent, ruins of a former Catholic convent, nowadays it’s a museum full of beautiful archeological treasures. This convent really makes for a beautiful photo because of how unique it is. Look at the sky among the ruins and walk slowly along the ancient naves: you’ll feel a great sense of peace and comfort inside of you.

6. Avenida da Liberdade

If you love to shop and got some money to spend then this is the place for you. The 10 lane boulevard stretches 90 metres and is filled with shops and boutiques. It’s the 35th most expensive street in the world but is also worth walking around for the 19th-century architecture!

7. Belem Tower

Belem Tower is located in the Belem district along with the Jeronimos Monastery, and is another beautiful photo spot in Lisbon. The Belem Tower is a fortified tower that is a UNESCO world heritage site because of the significant role it played during the age of discoveries in Portugal.
From the terrace, you can enjoy a beautiful view over Belém and the riverside, but even walking and shooting pictures at the feet of this extraordinary tower is something that will make you happy.
The tower can get pretty crowded in the afternoon so our advice is to get there in the morning.

8. LX Factory

Halfway through the city centre and Belém, you can find LX Factory, once an industrial complex, now turned into an artistic micro-district, a location for design stores, restaurants and art galleries. Once you enter LX Factory in Lisbon, you’ll feel like you’re in another city. It looks like a younger and hipster Lisbon, full of food trucks, street art and designer furnishings.
If you love books, you cannot miss Livraria Ler Devagar, considered one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world. The winged bike suspended from the ceiling is a work of the eccentric Italian artist Pietro Proserpio.

9. Elevador da Bica

One of the most iconic scenes of Lisbon would have to be the little yellow 19th century funicular that runs up and down the steep streets of the Bairro Alto district. If you don’t plan to ride it, make sure to stop anyway for that quintessential photo of the Elevador!

10. Arco da Rua Augusta & Praça do Comercio

Lisbon’s a city with many faces.  Even though our favorite Lisbon Instagram spots are beyond the crowds, some of the major attractions are also worth waking up early for. Arco Da Rua Augusta and Praça do Comercio are both beautiful places that need to be in your Lisbon photography collection. Both structures were built in the 18th century to commemorate the city’s reconstruction after a great earthquake.

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