5 Best Photo Spots in Santorini

Are you traveling to this wonderful island and wondering how to get the best photos of Santorini? Well, we are here to help you out.

Everywhere you look there are countless photo opportunities in Santorini. So much so that it’s hard to pick the best ones! However, if you’re short on time, perhaps you’re only visiting for the day as part of a wider tour, here are some of the best spots to take those beloved Instagram-worthy photographs:

1. Blue Domes in Oia

At least once, we all dreamt of taking “that picture”. The blue domed church in Oia has probably become the symbol of all Greece, or at least the perfect postcard that brings delightful visions of an idyllic Greek summer vacation. Actually, Santorini has dozens of blue-domed churches, but there’s only one place where you can take that famous picture.

How to find it? With the Ekklisia Panagia Platsani behind you, turn right and head down the street. Keep walking until you see a store called Bulgari Alexandros. Right before the store, take the small pathway to your left and follow the pathway down. Get ready to be surprised!

2. Oia Castle

Oia Castle is one of the most famous landmarks in Santorini and I am sure you have already heard how crowded it gets during sunset. Unfortunately it is not fake news and sometimes you have to go there two hours before sunset to secure yourself a spot. In my opinion, it is totally worth it.

However, a very good alternative is going there at sunrise when it’s completely deserted. The colors from up there are always so stunning. The sky turns yellow and orange during sunset and pink and purple during sunrise. Sometimes, the steam from the sea makes the atmosphere slightly dim as if wrapping it with a diaphanous veil. That’s why no picture can transfer the majesty of this magical view of Santorini.

3. Pink House in Oia

Beyond the classic Greek blue and white skyline, Santorini is an island of burnt orange and blood red, royal purple and butter yellow, electric green and pastel pink. A good example is the so called Pink House of Oia, which is located just a few steps below the castle and has now become a popular photography spot in the island.

The hotel does not have a restaurant but there are countless restaurants, cafés and most importantly, gelaterias on every corner!

It has, however, a very relaxed bar area that looks like a decidedly slinky spot to sink a few martinis or expertly mixed Barbarigo cocktails.

4. Thira Classic View

Other than Oia, you’ll find amazing photo spots in Thira as well. This classic view of Thira is visible from the alley that leads you to the hotel Villa Renos. We must admit that the sky was even more colorful than in Oia and there are way less people here, so it’s a good one!

5. Franco’s Bar in Thira

Franco’s Bar in Thira is one of Santorini’s best kept secrets. Its magical atmosphere, its unique position by the caldera, its wide variety of wines, cocktails and champagnes made our stay so memorable.

Finally, remember that every corner, alley, and view point in Santorini is literally like something out of a dream. You cannot make up these views at all, and I promise you that this little island is worth the hype that you see all over Instagram!

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