5 Summer Activities to do in Val Di Fassa

Val di Fassa is a valley of pretty mountain towns in the north of Italy, known for world-class skiing among the dramatic Dolomites, which are considered to be a region of such natural importance that they now form part of a designated UNESCO world heritage site.

The epic scenery is easily appreciated even if you prefer to stay in the valleys below than take to the high mountains, with the high peaks as a stunning backdrop to the meadows, vineyards and forests of the lower surrounding region.

The Dolomites are a real haven for outdoor enthusiasts all year around. In the Winter skiing of course, and in the Summer hiking, cycling, hang-gliding, horseriding and mountain climbing are among the most popular sports.

During our stay with Visit Trentino we could discover the true essence of this area thanks to the numerous activities they meticulously planned.

In this article, we will talk about the activities that you should definitely not miss when visiting Trentino

1. The Sensory Forest

Have you ever tried to walk barefoot in a wood or in a park? The sensory forest consists precisely in this: you will walk barefoot in the wood to feel connected with the nature. And you really are in touch with nature. You will discover the different textures and sensations as you walk on timber, bark, coal, mud and pebbles along the barefoot walk.

But why is this activity good for you?

The idea is to be a kid again. Children love to run around barefoot and feel the different textures under their feet and it’s one way that adults can recapture the feeling of being a kid again. Secondly, walking barefoot is very healthy. It trains the muscles in your feet to work properly and the temperature change promotes circulation.

You can book your free walk here!

2. Charlotte Horseriding

Going for a hack on a horse is a heady combination of adventure, exhilaration and deep relaxation. The overwhelming feeling is one of freedom. Plus, doing it in Trentino will reconnect with nature as you discover a rugged and preserved mountain landscape of outstanding natural beauty.

Finally, Charlotte Horseriding is such a special place as they rescue horses with problems or victims of violence to give them a life full of love and the right cares. It was our first time riding a horse but we couldn’t be happier about it and we’ll certainly try again soon. The staff here is super friendly and the location is memorable. Highly recommended both for beginners and for more experienced riders!

3. QC Terme Dolomiti

Being thermal baths lovers and having visited some during our trips, we can definitely say that QC Terme Dolomiti is something else! The place has amazing design and offers a full range of water massages, saunas, indoor and outdoor pools and Jacuzzi as well as relaxing areas and thematic rooms. There is great attention to detail in every aspect and the food and drinks are included in the fee.

The view over Val di Fassa is breathtaking and the atmosphere at sunset time is priceless.

So go… and enjoy life now, in the old Roman tradition.

4. ‘Made by me’ experience at Agritur Ciasa dò Parè

As we already mentioned in one of our Instagram posts, in Trentino we could strengthen the connection with our culture and we fell in love with the people and traditions of the Italian countryside. At the organic farmhouse Ciasa dò Parè we could try something amazing! During a beautiful summer morning we met up with our travel companions and we set off in search of the plants we needed and then off we went to prepare some preserves!

From May to the beginning of November, for many weekends, 15 farmhouses across Trentino welcome you for the ‘Made by me’ initiative, which is aimed at those who wish to get to know the local food, people and countryside. It is very simple but efficient. Everything goes literally from the ground to the table. Traditional agricultural practices are key to the conservation and flourishing of this land and thanks to this initiative, you will pick apples, raspberries, herbs, flowers, nuts and an infinite number of vegetables to make jams, sauces, creams, toppings and everything that fits in a jar and you can bring them home with you.

Find out more here! 

5. Sass Pordoi, the Terrace of the Dolomites

Sass Pordoi is not a Ski Area, but going up in the cable car until 3,000 m above the sea level is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. By no means do we exaggerate when we say that Sass Pordoi offers one of the most spectacular panoramas in the Alps.

Put your hiking shoes on and take this tram up and down, it will leave you speechless! This place is heavenly and there’s so much hiking to do at the top. But bring a jacket because it’s cold up there! From Sass Pordoi, it is also easy to recognize various mountain groups of the Dolomites: Sella, Pordoi, Sassolungo, Catinaccio and Marmolada as well as the Dolomites mountain groups in Val Gardena and Val Badia. This is such a wonderful place to experience the grandiosity of our Mother Nature with 360° views of the mountains. Absolutely not to be missed!

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