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6 reasons to visit Prato Nevoso Ski

Are you ready to discover the 6 reasons to visit Prato Nevoso Ski this winter? The Italian ski town of Prato Nevoso is located in the Mondolé Ski district, between Frabosa Soprana and Artesina. This area offers an enticing mix of scintillating scenery, endless outdoors activities, intriguing local culture and wholesome flavours. This is one of those rare places where you can take in a breath of fresh air and develop a natural high and uplifted enthusiasm for life.

The Snowpark in Prato Nevoso is considered a significant point of reference in the Italian mountain scene. Situated in a fantastic natural basin, the Snowpark is right in the centre of the Village and is well renowned for being the only one in Europe with such ease of access. The Snowpark offers a half pipe and 3 zones dedicated to different levels of ability – for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Besides, Prato Nevoso is a unique place for night skiing!

1. Enjoy spectacular mountain sceneries

The first reason why you should visit Prato Nevoso is because of its spectacular mountain sceneries. The Alps offer up stabbing sawtooth peaks and vertiginous walls that provide thrilling scenery and superb views all year round. Just sightseeing among the unique landscapes will be more than enough for many, but for others, it is the lure of outdoor activities that bring them here. Some of the most incredible sceneries can be seen from La Rossa Panoramica, a cable car that takes you all the way up to the mountain chalet Il Rosso.

2. Try the amazing local flavours

With its spectacular mountains and valleys, this place produces an incredibly diverse food culture. Here you can enjoy unique cheeses, cured meats and cold cuts, as well as other traditional Piedmontese dishes like the Fassona Beef Tartare, the white truffle from Alba, the Rubatà version of Grissini (crispy breadsticks invented in Turin) and many others. We had the best food experiences at Chalet Il Rosso, Le Stalle restaurant, Baita del Verde and Chez Dam.

3. Ski among the Alps

And if skiing is your jam, you’ll be happy to do it here. The skiing opportunities in Prato Nevoso are the biggest drive of tourism, and with good reason! There are different ski runs, with loads of choices for the absolute beginner to the professional skiier, and you’ll be rewarded with unreal panoramic views no matter what you choose.

4. Have fun while snowshoeing

We have to admit that we cannot ski, much better tobogganing! But we cannot do without walking to enjoy beautiful landscapes, even in winter! And though the cold is not our ideal mate, snowshoeing is an activity we always recommend if you do not want to miss a glimpse of untouched nature and large expanses of snow enjoying a religious silence in winter.

We rented snowshoes – better renting them if you are starting now – at La Canunia. Wearing the snowshoes does not require any technical course and it’ll be so much fun!

5. Snowmobiling, adrenaline up!

For adventurous who are looking for a different activity in the mountains, the snowmobiling experience with Discovery Prato Nevoso is for you! This tour is specially designed for the beginners who have no experience to drive a snowmobile and it will take you to Chalet Il Rosso, where you will enjoy stunning views over the Alps.
During the short break, you will be provided with local food and wine. Do not forget to take your camera or your phone with you – you will take memorable photos there!

6. Cozy up in a mountain chalet

Ready to cozy up? If you are looking to relax, unwind and take it easy while on vacation, the Everest Chalet right in the center of Prato Nevoso is for you! This fully equipped luxury apartment is everything you need for the mountain stay of your dreams.

At this website you can find all the activities to do in Prato Nevoso at the most convenient rates.

Have fun!

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