Langhe Monferrato Roero: The Home of BuonVivere

The Piedmont’s area of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, when it was awarded for its cultural landscapes and winemaking traditions that go back hundreds of years. And it’s no wonder this area is known as The Home of BuonVivere. The sceneries are mind-blowing here, with hills covered in vineyards, medieval hill towns and ancient castles perched atop their peaks.

What attracts visitors is not only the scenery, but also the outstanding wine and food –  Barolo reds, handmade pasta, white truffles and many more delicacies.

We spent a day in this territory with VisitLMR and it was enough to make us fall in love with these unique and fairytale places.

The morning in the wineyards

Our day started somewhere in the vineyards above Alba, the main town of this area, where we could enjoy the Italian dolce vita. The sun shining bright in the sky, a glass of wine in our hands and a lovely Saturday walk through the vineyards, with magnificent flowers and greenery all around.

Lunch at La Crota restaurant

At lunchtime we joined our friends at La Crota restaurant in Roddi, a little yet charming town famous for its centuries-old castle.

This is definitely the best place to enjoy the Piedmontese culinary delicacies in complete tranquility. Here you can spend a relaxing weekend – they do have beautiful rooms as well – surrounded by the beauties of the Langhe, you can take cooking lessons or be accompanied in the tasting of the best local products.

Our lunch here included Fassona tartare, gnocchi with meat sauce and some truffle, of course.

A cooking competition in the Castle of Roddi

In the second part of the day, we went to the famous castle of Roddi with the rest of the group for an amazing cooking competition! Actually, we didn’t have to cook, but we had to guess the ingredients of some famous local dishes. The dishes were prepared by big chefs and they were all so good!! But yes, let’s skip the small talk and get down to business: we guessed 13 ingredients out of 14, not bad right?!

Barbaresco, the town built on wine

Finally, in the late afternoon, we visited the lovely village of Barbaresco. You can visit the whole town within minutes on foot, however it is easy to make a day out of it, eating, drinking and enjoying the atmosphere. Most days there are artisan markers, where traditional products such as wine, truffles, hazelnuts and many other local goodies are sold (great place to find souvenirs to take home!).

Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to go to the top of the medieval clock tower (dating back to the 1300s) and enjoy the views of the Tanaro Valley.

It’s been such a lovely day in one of the most beautiful parts of Italy and we really hope everyone of you guys will have to chance to travel there once in a lifetime.

Happy travels, dear friends!

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