8 best things to do in Garda Trentino

Talking about Trentino, most people will think about mountains, the Dolomites. But Trentino offers so much more. Last week we visited the incredible area of Garda Trentino, which impressed us for its small, cute, lovely villages, natural valleys and incredible scenarios, and that typical Mediterranean vibe that we particularly love.

We have highlighted the 8 best things to do in Garda Trentino for everyone – families, couples or just friends. This destination has a lot to offer in every season, from summer sports to winter hikes.

1. Try local food

We have been surprised by the local cuisine of Trentino. While Italian we know that the bel paese has a culinary tradition well-rooted in modern cuisine, but this region has been a blast for us.

Here are the best places where you can have the most authentic culinary experiences in Garda Trentino:

2. Mind and body in harmony

Leave your stress behind and reconnect with nature in the sprawling grounds of Terme di Comano. You’ll find that simple activities such as tree hugging, barefoot walking, and mindful breathing can have an amazing effect on your body and mind.

Our guide told us that only getting an intimate touch with nature will help you to breath free. In fact, as we took off our shoes and were free to walk on the meadows, we got a powerful stimulation for the whole body and a sense of connection with the earth. We left our mind apart for a minute and went in a peaceful moment of relaxation away from time and space.

3. A special cooking class

From the fields to your plate, a cooking lesson on botany and local traditions. This truly unique experience from the land to the table started in the morning, when we were welcomed by chef Andrea, who brought us to the nearby fields to collect wild herbs, flowers and plants, and then off we went in the kitchen to prepare local dishes and learn how to incorporate fresh ingredients into the cooking. 

The meadows and fields of Ledro Valley are home to a green treasure trove that is just waiting to be explored!

4. E-bike tour in the mountains

We love cycling, but we’re not the most confident people on two wheels. So mountain biking is too big a challenge for us. We were actually really glad to find out that there is a cycle path in Valle dei Laghi where you can enjoy the mountain views without having to go on mountain tracks.

So yes, get yourself down to Velo Lake Rental Experts and discover some of the most beautiful mountain views and villages you will ever see.

5. Stay at a local B&B or agriturismo

Trentino has a great choice of accommodation, which comes in all shapes and sizes. From hotels, to alberghi and agriturismi, you will find something for everyone here. Depending on what you are looking for, an agriturismo may be more suitable for you than a hotel. 

We stayed at Arcolive and loved it! This B&B is just a few meters from the oldtown of Arco and it’s the right combination of elegance, nature and relaxation. Here the landscape is the center of the scene, immersed in the olive grove with large windows and terraces to enjoy the view of Mount Brione and Lake Garda.

6. Visit local vineyards

Italy isn’t only the land of good food, but also of good wine. Trentino has a large production of grapes and wine, if you’re visiting the Alps in summer you have to pay a visit to a winery. We visited Cantina Toblino, a small local winery with a beautiful back story near Lago di Toblino. The vineyard is located just outside the little town, with beautiful views over the mountains. The location is very picturesque and you can wander around the vineyards while enjoying the view. When you are there, you can also have a look at Casa Caveau, an innovative museum of the socalled Vino Santo, a local sweet wine, a product of excellence made in Garda Trentino.

7. Wander around the villages 

One of our favourite things to do in Trentino in summer is just walking around the towns. Mountain villages in Italy are beautiful, with their wooden roof chalets they are adorable places to wander around and just soak in the atmosphere. Look for Borgo di Rango and Balbido – these two little villages are just so beautiful!

villages around garda trentino

8. Lake Garda: sailing boat experience

Take a sailing tour and explore the northern part of Lake Garda. Breath fresh air and enjoy stunning landscape of mountains reflected in clear blue waters. Escape the crowd, relax and enjoy a glass of Prosecco as you cruise on the lake with Gardasee Charter.

It’s been such a lovely week in one of the most beautiful parts of Italy and we got to experience some of the coolest activities we’ve ever done. We really hope everyone of you guys will have to chance to travel there once in a lifetime and try them out firsthand!

Happy travels, dear friends!

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