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We would love to collaborate with you! Let’s work together and reach greater goals. Looking for a way to promote your brand, product or destination to other travelers? Our Social Media Channels – Take My Heart Everywhere and Travelling Through The World – and our website are the right place to do that! With a unique weekly visitor total of 2,000,000+ and a network of 2,300,000+ followers, our Instagram accounts are the perfect media. 
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Social Media Collaboration

Depending on your brand goals, we can collaborate with you on branded content creation (high-quality photos and videos), brand exposure (Instagram posts and stories, blog posts and other social media placement) or a mix of both to effectively reach your target audience and tell the story of your brand.

Cavo Tagoo - Un indimenticabile viaggio nel lusso

Events and press trips


We take part into press or influencer trips. The presence of bloggers, influencers and journalists adds depth and relevance to the reputation of your brand, influencing public opinion and helping to build a positive perception. Our activities range from providing editorial content, images and videos, organizing press and influencer trips and actively involve ourselves in them. If you are a hotel, a tourism board, a restaurant or any other brand that is interested in hosting us, do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Social Media Management

We are experts at managing social media accounts, from developing strategy to community management, from shooting content to creating Google and Facebook ads campaigns, and many other activities. We will take care of everything that has to do with social media and your online presence, such as the study of a successful communication strategy, the creation of a tailor-made editorial plan, the production and publishing of daily content, and so on. Moreover, our deep knowledge in marketing and advertising will also allow us to give you concrete advice on the growth of your business. Our current customers include some of the best companies in the world of business hospitality, such as the 3-Michelin star restaurant “Da Vittorio”, the 1-Michelin star restaurant “Osteria Perillà” and the impressive event location “Convento dei Neveri”.


Travel Arrangement

Are you the kind of person that doesn’t have time to plan a trip? That’s where our customized travel planning service come in. After finding out what are your interests and preferences, we will create the perfect itinerary for you including exact location of the venues, suggestions about transports, opening times, prices and anything you need to know to live your dream vacation.


Writing a blog post takes a lot of time and it’s always more difficult to find new cool ideas and inspiration. But we can do it for you! We can write the blog post of your dreams perfectly tailored to meet your requirements and wishes. Contact us and let’s talk about it!

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